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Meet the all-new
HP LaserJets.

We started with a blank page and asked
'What do businesses need now?' We came
up with the all-new HP LaserJets, built around
a breakthrough in toner chemistry. They take
up less space, print faster, and use less
energy-the perfect fit for today's workspaces.
Reinvent the
chemistry of printing.

To design the perfect printers for the leaner,
faster, smarter office, we started with the little
things: toner particles. The result is new Original
HP toner cartridges with JetIntelligence. They
deliver up to 33% more prints per cartridge and
have inspired a new generation of HP LaserJets
that are up to 40% smaller, up to 40% faster,
and use up to 53% less energy.2, 1
Cut printing costs, help secure documents.

Think of them as printers with the cloud inside.
The all-new HP LaserJets come with Jet
Advantage Workflow Solutions built in. When you
enable HP JetAdvantage Private Print,3 you save time, toner, and paper by eliminating abandoned
print jobs. Help protect your printing environment,
manage your users, and print more efficiently. All
at no extra cost.
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M277 M402 M553
M426 M477